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Recycling Cash Solutions

A true revolution in retail

The Recycling Cash Solution(RCS) has been on the market for some time now and its welcoming has been overwhelming. We had the feeling we were on to something big when developing this system, and the market response has proven us right.

The idea is simple: Instead of spending time on manual preparation on each cash drawer, the RCS handles this in less than 30 seconds. It's that fast and simple!

RCS-400 2.2 Multi-Till Solution

The latest RCS-400 2.2 transforms your cash handling into smart cash management, improving your business at all levels. 

The steady flow of cash into the back office needs to be counted, allocated and secured quickly and efficiently. With the RCS-400 2.2 you take control of the cash through an efficient, automated cash cycle all the way round, from internal cash handling to CIT operations. This ensures both time and cost savings, as well as an increased customer service.

Feel safe with proven and best-in-class technology and system.

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Perfect for:

  • Convenience stores
  • Retailers wishing to reduce manual coin handling
  • Retailers wishing to minimize the need to buy cash, and instead recirculate within the store

Flexible Multi-Till Solution

The Multi-Till Solution is giving the retailer a freedom to use the existing Tills already used in store together with the RCS-400 coin recycler solution. The Multi- Till Solution are able to handle the most common Tills available on the market. This will optimize the dispense operation by having the coins sorted into the correct pockets, which will save valuable time and minimize the risk of wrong coin in wrong pocket.

The Till dispense function is optimized to have the correct amount of coins in each pocket, this will minimize spillage and coins to be carried in other ways. When the Till is inserted the dispense operation starts automatically by a sensor activation, this avoids the risk of having coins being dispensed inside the machine without the presence of a Till and saving valuable time.


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RCS in store

RCS-800 Coin Recycling

A simpler way to manage your till cash, cashier and cash office processes!

And with a fast return on investment as well...!

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Perfect for:

  • Retailers wishing to reduce manual coin handling
  • Retailers wishing to save 15 minutes per cashier

Strong ROI

This is a foolproof round-the-clock system, which cannot be cheated and through re-cycling makes sure you always have the correct change in-store.

With fewer steps in the process for the cashiers and the cash always being locked in safes or similar, you minimise the risk of shrinkage. The cashiers’ time spent on ‘end of day’ will be cut from 15-30 minutes to 5 minutes and by cutting cost for CIT, transportation, staff, verification and administration, you increase profit.

Best of all - in less than one year you can expect to recoup the total cost of your original Investment.




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CDS-9 is a winner

The 4th generation of Cash Recycling Systems, CDS-9, is a winner of the Red Dot Award.

CDS-9 is a winner

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